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Since 2019

Because I live in the United States where orphans and children in need are provided for by government funding, I never considered those outside of the U.S. Then, my family visited Mexico for a water ski school where we visited a local orphanage and met the woman who has run it for decades.

The ski school supports the orphanage with its weekly visits of skiers and donations collected throughout the week. They also provide a weekly pizza dinner. The week we visited, we were informed a couple of boys had come to stay, ages two and four, because their young father was dying of cancer. Their father had also grown up there and knew they would be well provided for.

After returning home to Idaho with my husband and two year old daughter, I wondered about those boys and how the orphanage supports the children in immediate need when the ski school is not in session; it runs from November – May. Then, I thought, “how could I get funding or supplies to them now that I’ve returned home? And how do I become aware of other orphanages and provide support?”

Since that day we’ve had the privilege of connecting with a girl’s orphanage in Tamara, Rabat, to provide clothing, and another in Ilsan, South Korea which requested art supplies.

In 2019 we formally established as a corporation, then became a 501c3 in 2020.

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